The Edinburgh School of artists

The Edinburgh Scool of artists developed from the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) which was opened in 1909 and has nurtured some of Scotland's finest artists, who as well as pursuing  their exhibiting and selling careers, became renown and respected teachers at the College.

The group of artists most commonly thought of as the Edinburgh School spanned several generations and the period before and after the Second World War. Many of its leading figures served in the Armed Forces before returning to train as artists. The Head of Painting in 1946, and future Principal, was William Gillies who helped to take new approaches to teaching in the post-war period alongside William MacTaggart, who was to become President of the Royal Scottish Academy, and younger artists such as John Maxwell and Adam Bruce Thomson, Robin Philipson and Donald Moodie.

When by the 1950s Elizabeth Blackadder and John Houston arrived, this mixture of experience and youth had already given the Edinburgh School its distinctive character.

Today, the ECA has re-invented itself as a dynamic, youthful, outward-looking institution keen to operate on both a national and international stage.


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