Scottish art and painting - subjects and themes at the Gracefield arts centre
Subjects & Themes in Scottish Art

Over 600 artworks, the vast majority paintings, are currently held in the permanent collection of the Gracefield arts centre. These date from the 1840s to the present day, and Gracefield aims to present parts of the collection on display in curated temporary exhibitions throughout the year

to give a flavour of the collection and to describe the various ages of Scottish art history the artists and artworks have been selected into the following art or artist groupings:

the Glasgow Boys
the Glasgow Girls
the Edinburgh School
the Kirkcudbright School,
the Scottish Colourists
modern Scottish painting
contemporary Scottish art
historical Scottish art

all from or connected to, in whatever way, Dumfries & Galloway

by selecting a style from the left-hand listings you will be able to view work by the artists from these styles

the themes are more general as you will note, the categories we think are self explanatory