Gracefield Arts Centre Autumn term Kids Arts Club, Dumfries, Scotland

Kids Art Club for children aged 5-12 10am - 12 noon

weekend & holiday art & fun at the Gracefield

fun art and craft activities in the Gallery Studios on Saturday mornings throughout term time and 4F5213B53DF347FE8DB98C882A672397 in the holidays

Please wear old clothes – workshops can be messy!

cost £5.50 per child includes all materials and tuition

AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 26 874883A3DCDB40518ACC88866D2F8E34 – come along for free taster sessions with Gracefield staff and the kids club tutors – we’ll have various art ‘stations’ for you to try your hand!
Wed 30 March Space inspiration – explore the planets and stars
Wed 6 April Frame-making with beads and sparkly sequin
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 16 April Let’s draw each other! Explore faces using materials like charcoal, pastel and pencil
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 23 April Still-life drawing - learn about 3d effects and bring a small object from home to draw
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 30 April Sail away! Mobiles based on a nautical or sailing theme
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 14 May Spring jewellery
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 21 May Customise a cotton bag
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 4 June Landscape painting inspired by the Gracefield exhibitions
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 11 June The art of body painting - learn simple techniques in face-painting to become an animal or story character - paint a friend’s face, arm or hand
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 18 June Flag day – colour and collage to make your own flag
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 25 68F0526210C6445B8973933D1B17F555 – let the sun in with a coloured window pane
Wed 6 July Creative dreamcatchers. Bring along a few special objects like shells or beads to make a hanging window piece
Wed 13 July Beach fun – using sand and glue to make art inspired by the holidays
Wed 20 July Out of the shadows. Cut and create shapes to paint a shadow themed painting
Wed 27 July Mask-making fun. 3D masks with fun accessories
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 3 Sept Dream painting
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 10 Sept Costume art. Make your own fantastical wearable art that reflects nature
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 17 Sep Mono-print mayhem! In the print studio. Wear old clothes, this one gets messy! 
Baby and Toddler Club

AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 16 April Spring play dough
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 14 May Deep-sea artwork using painting and printing
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 18 June Tartan ideas – design your own colourful tartan using paint rollers and paper
AB9B208520244F34B039341E7C10D3D1 10 Sept Prince and princess crowns and tiara’s

please book in advance as spaces are limited. To book and pay for workshops call

01387 262084

terms and conditions apply